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Flowers in Medicine

Avas Flowers has always been fascinated by the multiple uses flowers provide beyond their aesthetics. Did you know that many flowers have proven medicinal value. Here we present some of the remarkable properties flowers possess. We value flowers for their beauty but they can offer much more, some are edible, provide food and habitat for useful insects and some such as those mentioned below have medicinal benefits.


This plant also known as purple coneflower is easy to grow. It is thought by some to be effective against the common cold. It is easy to make a your own medicine from this plant to boost your immune system if you grow the plants. Dig up 2 year old plants and keep the nicest roots and replant the rest. Scrub the kept roots clean and let air dry for a day. Put them in a clean jar and cover with vodka. Let steep for 3 weeks and you have your own tincture to help you fight off colds.


Lavender is a beautiful flowers with a delightful scent. The scent is what makes this plant remarkable. Avas Flowers has seen a Japanese study that concluded that the scent of lavender has the ability to create feelings of relaxation. Also several nursing homes have reported positive results in calming geriatric patients. Dried lavender stems can hold fragrance for several months. The scent this plant is enticing and pleasant it also offers a beneficial effect as well.


This flowers medical uses are well documented and their major medicinal usage is in the creation of topical oils and creams for burned or damaged skin. In fact in a recent medical study of breast cancer patients an ointment made from these flowers proved superior to prescription medicine in treating radiation burns.

Day Lily

Day Lily buds and flowers have been eaten and used in China for thousands of years. Research by major universities have shown that day-lilies are loaded with many antioxidant compounds. So not only are day-lilies edible they are also beneficial to your health.

Avas Flowers believes that a well informed consumer makes a better customer. We have dedicated ourselves to providing informative articles of the wonderful world of flowers and their many wonders and uses. We look forward in the future to continuing to supply information on these subjects.